Compliance Consulting

AAR Compliance Services

AAR Compliance Services

Stay complaint with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) by allowing Sims Professional Engineers to assist with your design, analysis, and testing needs. We provide an array of services including:

  • Air Brakes Testing
    • Brake Shoe Force Testing
    • Single Car Test Device
  • Air Brake System Design and Conversions
  • Air Brake Training
  • Suspension System Analysis and Design
    • Spring Group Arrangements
    • Hydraulic Stabilizers
  • Coupler, Yoke and Draft Gear Arrangements
  • Trucks and Truck Components
  • Center Plates and Side Bearings
  • General Repairs
  • Handling and/or Delivering Line Responsibility
  • Owner’s Responsibility
  • Contamination Damage
  • Derailment/Accident Analysis
  • Car Owner Interest/Advocacy

Rule 88 Freight Car Services

We will provide guidance to get your freight cars approved by the AAR, and provide professional documentation to ensure your approval request is granted. The freight car and industry regulation experts of Sims Professional Engineers can provide innovative solutions for adding value to your freight car fleet in any of the following areas:

  • Freight Car Inspections
  • IGRL – Increased Gross Rail Load
    • 286,000 LBS GRL & 268,000 LBS GRL, & 70 to 100 Ton Conversion
  • ILS – Increased Life Status
    • Increase Car Life from 50 Years to 65 Years
  • MOD – Modified Units
  • Increased Volume/Load Capacity
  • RB – Rebuilt Units

Maintenance of Way Services

We help national and regional rail companies maintain their Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment to ensure safety and compliance regulations with the FRA. Below are specific types of projects we can help you with.

  • Freight Car Conversions to MOW Equipment
  • New MOW Equipment Design
  • Modifications of Existing MOW Equipment
  • Updates, Upgrades and Repairs

Environmental, Safety, and Transportation

The compliance and industry regulation experts at Sims Professional Engineers can provide solutions for your regulatory requirement issues. Our compliance capabilities include:

  • AAR Open Top Loading Rule (OTLR) Compliance
  • Load Certification of Lifting Structures and Load Supports
  • Load Certification of Wind Loads to Designs
  • Fall Protection Analysis and Certification
  • Safety Railing and Platform Analysis
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