Drafting and Other Services

Drafting and Other Services


Using the latest versions of 3D modeling software in combination with state-of-the-art computer systems, Sims PE drafting specialists can illustrate virtually anything that you are capable of envisioning. From simple to complex, small parts to large assemblies, we can draw in two and three dimensions. For example, Sims’ professional drafters can convert your hand drawings to computer images, or draw a complicated multi-unit freight car. Our team is readily available to measure dimensions on-site, and then draw to specification, or we will readily work from the dimensions that you provide.

Maintenance Catalog

Once your equipment is built – railcar, complex vehicle, or machinery – our technicians can generate a maintenance catalog, listing and illustrating all parts. The maintenance catalogs are invaluable resources to support and sustain your important equipment.


After preparing your technical document, let Sims PE create a professional presentation format: full-color, bound reports; handouts; slides; and posters. We can also produce maps, charts, and photos for our clients.

Technical Writing

The Sims Professional Engineers technical writing staff has more than 50 years of accumulated experience preparing professional documents for clients’ presentation needs. We can translate your technical jargon into “plain English” when the occasion calls for creating reports, industry papers, and other presentation materials. Our professionals can also provide a technical review of your documents to verify that all standards have been met.
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