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Development and Design Projects
  • Fifth wheel slider for European and U.S. application
  • Spine car for Taiwanese market
  • New railcar concept for hauling highway trailers and containers, from feasibility through prototype construction and testing
  • Automobile surface marring problem solved with patented device to collect metallic particles
  • Redesign of lightweight composite box car moveable bulkheads
  • Lightweight composite box car plug door
  • Tractor fifth wheel slider with small longitudinal adjustments
  • Lifting brackets for collapsible intermodal containers
  • Conversion of coal gondolas into hopper cars
  • Test fixture for evaluation of new track steels
  • Truck mounted brake for accelerated braking
  • Conversion of pulpwood cars to flat cars for hauling 1000° F steel slabs
  • Multipurpose wagon for hauling containers, logs, and petroleum tanks
  • Family of heavy-duty flat car designs
  • Lightweight portable bridge plate for auto rack service
  • High cube monocogue covered hopper car for plastics and chemical service
  • 200-ton railcar design for hauling large nuclear waste container, featuring reduced material and labor content
  • Concept, design, and bill of material for special purpose covered gondolas for hauling oversized military components
  • Turn-key freight car projects converting or upgrading rolling stock
Analysis, Assessment, Evaluation Projects
  • NUCARS analysis of wastepacker car
  • NUCARS analysis for new square truck design for China and its U.S. applications
  • Titan rocket transport system and Cape Kennedy
  • Abrupt cold weather failure of center sill on covered hopper car
  • Low level passenger dome car
  • Aerodynamics of articulated covered hopper cars
  • Analysis of spreader beams for OSHA compliance
  • Structural evaluation of 20’-2” auto racks
  • Evaluation of electro-pneumatic brakes during testing
  • Assessment of rail car movements at proposed port facility
  • Finite element analysis of small railroad wheel
  • Experimentally checked physical clearance and ride quality for sensitive cargo
  • Safety issues for a three-axle bogie for Thailand
  • Highway trailer design improvements assessment
  • Math modeling of coal car for operation in Columbia
  • Collect and analyze tank car stub sill field data
  • Assemble, analyze and evaluate tank car accident data
  • Total assessment of torsion bar suspension of a new rail bogie
  • Existing railcars with changed geometry for compliance with AAR requirements
  • Cause and consequences of covered hopper car derailment
  • Numerous new freight car design concepts for technical feasibility and viability; integrating technical end economic evaluations
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